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Taking A Food Tour Of Wales

If you have never been to wales before, you are certainly missing out. Wales is a wonderful country with amazing people, stunning scenery and mouthwatering food.

As is the case in every other part of the UK, Wales has a few different foods which are native to its borders, and all of these foods are classic and wonderful.

You could spend your time in wales visiting classic good places like the grazing shed, however today we are going to talk about welsh food which you can enjoy during your visit.

Welsh Rarebit

When you hear the words Welsh Rarebit, what is the first thing that you think of?

Is it rabbit by any chance?

You’ll be glad to know that rabbit is not part of Welsh rarebit, and this dish is actually one of the most simple dishes of all.

Rarebit is a posh name for cheese on toast in wales, and it’s not just any cheese on toast.

The type and thickness of the bread is crucial, and the cheese used in top is also crucial to the flavour you get with this meal.

Y Fenni is a mustard cheese which is usually used in this dish, but you can use different cheese if you wish.

Glamorgan Sausage

For all of the vegetarians out there, this one is for you.

The Glamorgan sausage is an accidentally vegetarian food because it never set out to be specifically for those who don’t eat meat.

These sausages are cheese sausages, so all you will need to make these sausages is cheese, leeks, seasoning, mustard and some breadcrumbs.

It is a simple dish to make and your family will want to taste yours rather than eat their own regular sausage.

You can even make sausage rolls of them if you want to!

Bara Brith

Bara brith is a traditional welsh dessert and it is the perfect dessert for after a long day out walking.

Bara brith is a fruit cake which is incredibly rich and wonderful, and is often touted for the unique flavour which it provides to the taster.

This cake is a little different to most fruit cake because it has the addition of half a pot of tea into the mix.

You result with a fruity and earthy cake which is unique and amazing to eat with a little bit of cream.

Lamb Cawl

When we think of British food and its legacy, we often think about warming stews, warming casseroles and soups.

Let’s face it, apart from the odd time where we enjoy a heatwave, the UK has a fairly cold climate. This is why many of the amazing dishes in this country are warming ones.

Welsh cawl is a welsh soup which is made from meat and vegetables, and is the best thing to eat after a day out in the cold.

Lamb is the most popular meat in wales and therefore there is no better choice than this.

It is the epitome of welsh food and is something you simply have to try.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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