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The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Buying Wedding Rings

When you get married, you make a commitment to love and cherish your partner for the rest of your life.

But you also make a promise to wear your wedding and engagement rings for the rest of your life as well, which is why you’ve got to get it right.

There are a lot of things that you should be looking out for, but it’s often more important to know the things you shouldn’t be doing.

These are the worst mistakes you can make when buying your wedding rings.

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Not Doing Enough Research

Your wedding ring is one of the biggest and most important purchases that you’ll ever make in your life so you need to do some research before you rush into everything.

A lot of people think a diamond is a diamond and the only difference will between different suppliers will be the price.

The truth is, the cut of the diamond is very important and some places just won’t be as experienced as others.

Before you choose a supplier, you need to check out some reviews like this one: You can great information on the quality of the product, the customer service and the value for money.

If you rush into a purchase without doing your research, you might end up paying over the odds for a low quality diamond.

Shopping At Chain Stores

A lot of people go to chain jewellery stores for a couple of reasons.

They’re the names that you recognize so when you’re thinking of places to go, you’ll go with what you know rather than
searching out those independent places.

The chain stores are often a bit cheaper than an independent jeweller as well. The only problem is, they all carry the same products, if you get your rings from there, you’ll have the same as thousands of other people do. This is your wedding ring so you want it to be special and unique to you and your partner.

The other major issue with chain stores is that their system for grading diamonds is a lot more lenient, so while they may say that something is high quality, the same diamond wouldn’t get that rating from a more experienced independent jeweller, so you’re actually buying a low quality
product at an inflated price when you go to chain stores.

Not Setting A Budget

Obviously, you don’t want to skimp on your rings, but you’ve got to be realistic and accept there is a limit to what you can afford, especially when you’ve got the rest of the wedding to pay for.

If you go into a jeweller’s before setting a budget and fall in love with a ring, only to realize later that you can’t afford it, you’ll be so disappointed. But if you go in with a solid budget in mind, you’ll limit yourself to the ones that you can actually afford.

It’s the best way to manage your expectations and avoid disappointments. It also stops you from making impulse buys and spending way more than you can afford.

Visit for some tips on setting a realistic budget.

The key thing to remember is always take your time with decisions and do some research before you agree to buy anything.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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