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The Best Food To Have After Exercise

Regular exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. But, you need to complement this with your nutrition. Fuel your body with healthy foods, and you’ll feel ten times better than if you only exercise.

Keeping that in mind, this blog post will show you the best food to have after exercise. All of these ideas are packed full of nutritional goodness to help ensure you get the most out of your workouts.


Pasta is excellent to have an hour or so before exercise as there’s a lot of carbs that help give you energy. But, you also need to replace all the energy you’ve expended, which is why it’s a great thing to eat after.

It’s easy to make as well, you can get something like a Bruntmor cast iron pan, stick the ingredients in together, and cook it all in one pot. This saves time after exercising, meaning you can refuel almost straight away! Plus, there are lots of ways you can cook pasta and lots of things you can add – like protein in the form of chicken, beans, steak, etc.

If you’re aiming to put on weight because you’re dangerously underweight, then it’s easy to add things to pasta, so it’s more calorific. On the flip side, you can have a small bowl that’s relatively low in calories for anyone losing weight.

Fruit smoothies

It’s a really good idea to drink a fruit smoothie after you exercise. This is because it fills you with natural sugars that help keep you energised after an intense session. Not only that, but it also gives you a much-needed nutrition boost.

Fruits are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These work together to keep your body healthy, and they can help aid your recovery as well.

Also, you can add a scoop of protein powder to make it a protein smoothie, further boosting the way it helps complement your workout.


I bet you see porridge as a breakfast food, but there’s no reason you can’t eat it whenever you want. It’s a brilliant food to eat after exercise because it’s full of everything your body craves after exercising. There’s the all-important protein for muscle recovery, which comes from the oats, carbohydrates to help replenish your energy stores, iron to help with blood circulation, and much more.

But, perhaps the main reason to love it is that you can add so much to it. Honestly, the sky’s the limit with your porridge, you can put a scoop of peanut butter in there, some fresh fruit, chia seeds, granola – literally anything. From here, you end up with a bowl of supercharged goodness. There’s everything you need to ensure you don’t fall into a post-workout slump, and that your body gets the things it requires to recover.

If you’ve been struggling to eat healthily despite working out regularly, then I hope this has given you a few ideas. Eat these things after you exercise, and you’ll get into a routine of fueling your body and living healthily. As a result, your overall health & wellbeing will improve!

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