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The First Four Things You Need To Plan For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s easy for it to seem like there are more decisions to make than the time you need to make them.

However, in reality, a few key decisions are going to be weighing heavily over your head the more time it takes you to finalise them. Here, we’re going to look at the plans to get out of the way first, so that the rest becomes a lot easier to fill in.

The venue

Deciding where and when you’re going to hold your wedding is number one. This is often decided alongside, before, or after how many you plan to invite, as the two decisions are keenly linked.

However, the venue is going to decide a lot about your wedding, such as the atmosphere and the appropriate look, not to mention the logistics of travel (especially for a destination wedding) that have to be considered. Start looking at venues before you look at anything else.

The dress

You don’t have to finalise your dress first, but it’s wise to make it one of the first things you start looking at. If you dedicate time early on to shortlist the different providers and dressmakers that you’re going to look at, it’s easy to whittle it down over time as the other plans progress.

You might be surprised by how long it can take to find a dress. Sometimes, you get it lucky and fall in love with the second or third dress you see, but otherwise, it can end up getting too close to the big day for comfort.

The look

Your look is about more than the dress, of course. Getting in touch with wedding makeup and hair stylists early is essential, since it takes a little time and diligence to make sure that you’ve found the right choice.

Besides choosing the right one, you have to trial them, make sure they’re available, and preferably you want to see them work together to help you get a better idea of how you’re actually going to look when the big day comes. That much rehearsal and testing takes time, so start shortlisting the best choices as early as possible.

The budget

For the rest of your vendors, food, entertainers and the like, you want to have your wedding budget set up ahead of the time. The expense of the venue and the wedding look often take the lion’s share of your overall costs, so figuring them in first can make it a lot easier how much you can spend on all the rest of it.

Having a budget separated into different sections can help you quickly eliminate vendors and services out of your range, cutting down your options and making it easier to choose, too.

Prioritising your plan is crucial if you don’t want to feel like you’re constantly falling behind while planning your wedding. Start with the tips above and the rest can more easily fall into line when you visit wedding fairs and see the vendors that fit the overall theme and structure you’ve created.

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