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The Home Decor Accessories You Desperately Need In Your Life!

Home decor is a pretty self-explanatory term. Basically, when we talk about it, we’re talking about the way your home is decorated.

Most people concern themselves with some of the main aspects of home decor, like furniture, wallpaper, and general interior design themes. But, there are also some smaller elements that play a very important role in achieving your ideal home decor design.

We call these accessories, and there are so many different ones you can get your hands on.

Home decor is the same as fashion in the sense that a good accessory can make or break the overall look. Bearing that in mind, here are some home decor accessories you simply can’t afford to forget about:


Vases are a home decor accessory that everyone needs to have.

They can be used on their own as ornaments, or combined with a dashing set of flowers to brighten up any given room.

I love this accessory as you can pretty much find a vase for any setting. There are some proper antique-looking vases that look great in grand old homes opting for very traditional interior design. Then, there are some absurdly funky vases that scream ‘contemporary design’ and are
great in modern homes.

You’ve also got different designs for different themes; like pastel coloured ones for a pastel coloured home or very minimalist ones for that specific design too.

All in all, a vase is an accessory you can use in every room that adds a lot of character to your home decor.

Large Bowls

You may think that large bowls don’t serve a purpose other than to eat out of – but you’re wrong. If you find the right bowl, then it becomes an excellent accessory for any dining room, kitchen, or even your living room.

Primarily, they work well when used as a centrepiece for a table or breakfast bar. They can elevate a table from average to awesome just by being on display. But,
they’re also great for storing fruit in, which adds more colour to the room as well.

What I love most about bowls is that you get so many funky designs nowadays that means there’s a bowl for any type of home decor around.

Serving Trays

Serving trays are an excellent accessory because they’re both practical and fashionable.

In a practical sense, they give you something to serve drinks or food on whenever you have guests. This will impress them and make you seem like a very classy host!

However, they’re also used on their own as a decorative feature in different rooms.

As you’ll see if you browse Bridgman,
there are some gorgeous metallic and glass serving trays out there. One of these in a kitchen or on a coffee table in the living room will add something to the interior design.

They’re very fashionable and elegant, making your home look a lot better and more modern as well.

To make this accessory even better, they also act as a base to place other decorative objects on.


Clocks are yet another example of something that’s both practical and fashionable.

The great thing about clocks is that you get them in all shapes and sizes, with some designs looking totally different from others.

A big clock can almost become the focus of a room, while a small one can work to add character from the sidelines.

They can be hung on walls, placed on tables, or anything in between. Personally, I believe they’re most effective in the bedroom and living room.

A nice clock in your lounge can really tie the design together and help it become more well-rounded. On the other hand, a nice small bedside clock just brings subtle beauty to the bedroom and compliments the overall design.


Candles and tealights are two of my favourite home decor accessories out there. This is because they do so much for your interior design.

I’ve grouped the two together as they’re pretty much the same but different!

Candles can come in lots of different shapes and sizes – from candlesticks to large candles in jars – and they’re truly beautiful. I love how you can get candles
in different colours, which helps complement the colour scheme of any room.

But, my love for tealights comes from the fact that you can get tealight holders. These can be so ornamental and make the perfect accessory for most rooms in your home.

To add to this, both of these accessories are great because they make your home smell nicer and can create great mood
lighting in the evenings.


Now, books are a funny home decor accessory as you probably never thought about them for their design purposes!

Well, books really add a depth of style and character to the rooms in your
home. They make a room feel more classy and substantial.

Again, this is an accessory that can be used in so many different ways.

The two most popular come in the form of bookcases and coffee table books. Putting your books in a bookcase or on a shelf is a great way to cover up blank space on a wall that might just make your room look empty.

But, in the living room, they’re great when put on a coffee table. A big coffee table book adds something extra to your coffee table and also works as a conversation starter for guests.

Like all great accessories, books prevent your home from feeling too bare and empty.


Last but not least, we have art.

I really enjoy art and think it’s an essential part of home decor. A house without art just lacks a bit of substance.

Wall art helps you achieve certain looks and works well with other design elements in an interior setting. From canvas paintings to framed modern art; there’s literally a piece of art for everyone.

None of the things on this list are really going to be the main centrepiece of a room in your home. They work alongside the key home decor elements like the wallpaper, furniture, and so on.

On their own, they don’t bring much to the table. But, when used as an accessory, they really tie everything together.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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