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There’s Always A Way Of Saving On A First Car Purchase

We all fall into norms. Whatever someone else is doing, we feel more comfortable doing ourselves.

Stepping out from the herd and doing something different takes guts. It also takes an imagination and the ability to see when there are better options for doing things.

Many people don’t know a lot about cars. The most they’ll ever see or take interest in regarding car knowledge is on shows like Top Gear or The Grand Tour.

They take their advice from the dealership, the mechanic and their friend at work. They don’t really do their own research to find out just where and how they could save money on their car.

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there that you can read up on and use in your own personal life.

how to save money on your first car

Smaller Wheels

Large wheels should improve the overall handling characteristics of your car.

The starting tread of your tyres before they fully rotate again, cover a large distance. Therefore there is less wear and because the wheel is larger, the weight of the car is better to spread out.

However, this is for usually best for sports cars and above. Manufacturers will try to meet somewhere in the middle before they sell you a car.

However for a normal car, you don’t need large wheels, in fact the technology has moved on so much that smaller tyres aren’t as inferior as they once were.

Smaller wheels improve handling at low speeds and adjustments are more readily felt and administered through the steering column.

So if you have a car mainly for town and commuting, the cheaper smaller tyres are the better option.

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Only What You Need

If you don’t know much about car insurance, you’re ripe pickings for companies that want to sell you a whole bunch of stuff you don’t even need!

Third-party insurance is one of the more expensive plans as it covers the damage to another vehicle. This is good if you know you’re not so good behind the wheel and you fear you might hit someone.

Comprehensive is the best of both worlds that insures both you and the other driver. Look on to find cheaper car insurance that only cover you and other passengers.

Liability cover is the most common because it’s only assuming you will take responsibility for yourself and the people in your car.

You don’t intend to crash into someone else, so why would you pay for something you don’t need?

It’s Only Optional

Quality is something all manufacturers want to offer their customers. They make more money if they can offer it at every level.

Leather seats have become optional choices for small and cheap cars.

However these can cost hundreds of pounds, and if you’re not intending to make the car you own the only one you’ll ever have for the rest of your life, you don’t need them.

Just say no, leather is nice, but it’s optional and you could spend that money somewhere else.

Your first car is going to be something you won’t forget.

It’s a reasonably important purchase in your life and so you should want to spend a decent amount of money on the model.

However, the other things like tyres, insurance and luxuries are all prime targets where you could save money.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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