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There’s More To The Lake District Than Meets The Eye

If you’re eager for a quiet getaway on a long weekend, or perhaps a trip to the country, why not head to the Lake District?

Stretching across the North West of England, the Lake District is a beautiful destination with gorgeous landscapes and it’s a brilliant place for camping or even a relaxing retreat.

But there’s more to this place than just lying back on the lush green grass and staring up at clear blue skies.

Here are some of the hidden secrets of the lake district that you might not be aware of.

Discover The Place That Sparked An Author’s Imagination

Yes, this is the place where Beatrix Potter wrote her famous children’s book and discovered Peter Rabbit along with all his animal friends.

peter rabbit lake district

You’ll find various memories hidden away in this great green landscape including her original cottage. It hasn’t been changed, it’s exactly as she left it and you can explore her home including where she wrote her most famous children’s books.

There’s also the World of Beatrix Potter. It’s like a quaint version of Disney Land and while compact it’s a lovely little treat, particularly for little ones. You won’t find mechanics here and instead, they let the surroundings tell the story with only a few fantastical elements added for fun.

Quaint Little Places To Stay

Are you tired of the hotels where everything has been turned into a money-making machine?

There are villages and towns like Ambleside where you’ll find wonderful little homes to stay in for a weekend or a week away.

Stay in an Ambleside B&B and you’ll be delighted with the personal service and the way the owners make you feel completely at home.

Through the day, you can explore the town and discover architecture that has been preserved from the Victorian era.

the lake district

For Adventurers

You might think that the lake district is simply a place where you can relax and unwind. While that’s certainly true, there are adventures to discover here as well.

For instance, you can climb the Honister Slate mine with extreme options available. This includes scaling the outside of the mine while attached to zip wires and scrambling across a cargo net.

Perhaps not for the faint of heart, this could be great fun for those who don’t mind the highest of heights.

Visit The Aquarium

You’ll see various lake sea creatures at the aquarium including sea otters and urchins.

With underwater viewing areas and staff onhand to tell you about the different aquatic animals, it’s a great choice for families or really any animal or fish lover.

fishing at the lake district

Or, you can enjoy the lakes themselves, taking a boat ride across, heading out for a swim or trying some watersports. It’s all available right in the heart of the mountains.

The lake district can get quite busy through the summer but if you can slip away while the kids are in school, you’ll find it more or less deserted. As such, it can be a wonderful option for a quiet retreat.

couple relaxing in the grass next to lake

We hope you book your own trip to the Lake District this year.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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