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Time To Liven Up Those Bare Bathrooms

Making the bathroom look clean and bright is priority number one. However, if you go too far making it entirely spotless, it can end up looking cold, flat, empty, and unwelcoming.

Here, we’re going to look at how you can add a little bit of warmth without sacrificing that feeling of cleanliness.

how to liven up a bare bathroom

Let there be light

Light not only helps the bathroom feel fresher and a little livelier but really enhances the sense of cleanliness in it as well.

Accent lights are one of the fundamentals of lighting and using them to add warmer lights to banish the darker corners of the bathroom at a lower colour temperature
than the main light, can stop it from being too bright and bare. Natural light is best, however.

Installing frosted or designed glass and relying less on blinds and curtains can preserve your privacy while letting more of the sun in.

Liven up your walls

Blank, white tile walls are an easy go-to when it comes to bathroom design, but they are not the most inspired or emotionally engaging option.

Cladding from suppliers like Bathroom Marquee can help you add a little more texture and colour. What’s more, cladding is much easier to clean than regular tiles, meaning it’s even easier to keep the bathroom in pristine condition.

Don’t be afraid to add a little sentiment, such as welcome signs or little wall art hangings in there, either.

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Get some texture in there

There are few things that feel more welcoming and warmer than natural materials.

Don’t be so quick to get rid of any wooden fixtures in the bathroom and consider if you have space for wooden furniture, such as a chair for the mirror.

Wicker baskets from places like Baskets Galore can be an excellent addition, too, serving as easy an accessible storage space for your essentials while giving the bathroom a little more natural character.

A touch of softness

The bathroom shouldn’t be all hard surfaces, either. Make sparing use of fabrics so as not to clutter it and make it a haven for dust, but add just enough so that it doesn’t feel cold and sleek all over.

Even if you don’t use them to cover up your frosted glass, soft window treatments don’t get in the way and add a little of that warmth. Of course, bathroom rugs are a must.

Engage the senses

It’s not all about what you see and feel, but all the senses working in unison. That means appealing to the nose, too.

Cleanliness is one thing, but you don’t want the harsh smell of bleach lingering in the bathroom.

The Independent shows some reed diffusers you can use to make use of essential oils that are a prevailing, natural scent to the bathroom. Lemon is a great and easy choice for a fresh, zesty feeling.

Your bathroom should be one of the most welcoming rooms in the home. You don’t want to be uncomfortable getting into the bath or make your guests feel any more awkward than necessary.

The tips above can help you make it into a real haven you’re happy to spend time in.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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