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What To Do When Your Man Is Difficult To Buy For

If the man in your life is one of those people who’s notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, you’re probably already not looking forward to the Christmas period.

Finding that perfect gift for an awkward recipient is a challenge, and one that you won’t want to spend too much time fretting over.

However, there are some basic gift buying tips that should help you find the right one. Read on to find out more about how you should approach this challenge.

what to do when your man is impossible to buy for

Go Back to Basics

First of all, you should try to go back to basics and think about the gift ideas that you know they will like.

a christmas spread table with glasses of wine and cheeses

There are some classic gift ideas that go down well with pretty much everyone, whether it’s high-end food or alcohol. You can then put new twists on these basic gift ideas if you want to do something more with them. It could be the best way to find the perfect gift.

Start Early

Starting early is important because it gives you the chance to survey all the options and decide what’s out there.

a paper adidas shopping bag next to pink and white roses

You need to take a broad overview of the options before you decide which gift ideas might work and which can be dismissed.

The worst thing you can do is leave things until the last minute because that way you won’t give yourself the time to really delve into what’s out there.

Think About Functionality

Choosing something that has a real function and a use is always a good idea when you’re buying gifts for men.

They like to have things that they can use and that will have a practical purpose for them. So if they like doing DIY, you could get them some new tools that you know they’ll use, for example. That’s just one idea but keep this basic principle in mind.

Choose Something Fun or Silly

an old car with the license plate chick

There’s nothing wrong with having fun with the gift idea you choose. By having a laugh and adding some humour to your choice of gift, it’ll bring something new and different to it.

You could look at private number plates and do something fun with that. The options are pretty much limitless, but don’t rule out doing something that’s a bit fun or silly.

Pick an Experience Rather Than an Object

Rather than just choosing an item that you can wrap up and hand to the recipient, you might also want to consider an experience that you can give to them.

For example, there are plane flying experiences, extreme sports experience and driving experiences among many other things. This can include tickets to an event or something similar as well.

pilots view from a helicopter overlooking buildings

Some people are just really difficult to buy presents for, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from aiming high and choosing a gift that you know they’ll love.

Buying for these kinds of people is a challenge you should relish. It makes it even more satisfying when you eventually find that perfect gift for them.

what to do when your man is difficult to buy for

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  • FrancescaWho

    My partner is incredibly hard to buy for! He’s a practical and logical person, so doesn’t like stocking fillers or novelty gifts. This year I’m struggling, but I’ve got something in mind! He can always guess what’s in a box too. So annoying! Hope you find your partner the perfect present too 🙂

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