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Winter Cold Alert? Kickstart Your Anti-SAD Plan

The MET weather office has warned about snow chaos across the UK as temperatures currently hit their lowest point for seven years.

For commuters in the northern and eastern regions especially, the journey to the office and back has taken a turn for the worse. From stranded cars in the snow to accidents on slippery surfaces, many have chosen to stay at home and embrace the remote working options.

Home is, for now, the safest place you could be, at least if you want to avoid snow-related dangers on the road.

However, when the temperatures plunge as low as MINUS 15C – as is the case in some regions –, you need to make sure that your home sweet home doesn’t become a favourable environment for germs and depression.

No, staying at home is not a good idea

Firstly, let’s be clear about your home. It’s best to work from home than to face the icy road to drive to the office.

However, the main reason why winter is the season of colds and flu is that most people choose to spend more time indoors. As a result, invisible germs accumulate within your home, increasing the health risks for your household.

Indeed, contrary to the common belief, you don’t catch a cold because it’s cold outside. You get sick because the indoor air becomes saturated with harmful bacteria that have nowhere else to go.

Keeping your house ventilated is crucial to get rid of those. You should as well introduce more plants in your favourite rooms as they can help to clean the air.

Your potted greens can reduce illnesses!

The muddy garden is making me sad

How do you imagine the perfect morning?

If enjoying a fresh cup of tea in the kitchen while looking at your garden through the window is the kind of things you had in mind, it’s fair to say that winter can put a stop to your plans.

Indeed, a simple glance out of the window can reveal a muddy, grey and brown garden. It can affect your mood and makes everything feel sadder and duller in winter. But you can try to spice up your view with green grass – this New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd company has tasteful solutions for most gardens. Ultimately, a little green can go a long way!

But is it safe to go outside?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that spending time outside is unsafe. On the contrary, taking a walk in the cold winter days is the best thing you can do for both your immune systems and your mood. It actively reduces the risk of allergies and helps to lift your mood too.

A little boost for your immune system

Last, but not least, your immune system needs vitamins and nutrients to stay strong.

Consuming fresh vitamin C bombs in winter – such as oranges or bell peppers – can kickstart your immune system. However, it can also prevent respiratory infections. Additionally, vitamin C acts as a tranquiliser to treat depressive mood such as SAD.

Your physical and emotional health go through a lot in winter. Don’t let the cold and grey weather affect your household with these preventive measures.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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