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6 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Reviewing Glossybox Anymore

I have tried so hard to work with Glossybox, I’ve given them plenty of chances, yet month after month I seem to have a problem of some sort.

As you may know I’ve been reviewing and writing about my monthly Glossybox’s since January this year.

Things started out great but as time has progressed, I just can’t deal with their shitty service any longer.

I’m not going to take my time writing reviews and recommending them to my readers any longer, as this is now far from the case.

I will still receive Glossybox’s and showcase the products I receive on my Instagram, but Glossybox as a brand will not be getting recommended.

So here are my 6 reasons why I won’t be promoting Glossybox anymore.

No More Glossybox Reviews

1. Missing Items From My Glossybox

glossybox bronzer

First I started noticing that other people were getting super cool products compared to me.. unicorn shower foam.. new razors.. while in turn, I was receiving yet another bronzer and some sun cream.

According to my investigations, the bronzer pictured has already been featured in a previous box.

I’m trying to review and promote your boxes loves, not showcase your leftover junk!

2. Less Products In A Glossybox

In a Glossybox, you only receive 5 products a month (sometimes a free 6th, like a teabag or something) whereas in a LookFantastic Beauty Box you receive 6 products a month, plus a handbag sized copy of ELLE magazine – FOR THE SAME PRICE!

3. Glossybox Has Slow Shipping

Another issue I have with Glossybox is the length of time it takes to receive a box.

I know full well that a lot of bloggers receive their boxes by the 1st of the month, but myself (even though I appear on page 1 and 2 of Google) I seem to receive mine halfway through the month which makes it pretty pointless me doing a review!

Another +1 for LookFantastic, who had their box to me by the 4th this month.

4. Poor Communication From Glossybox

Communicating with Glossybox is awful.

They are very prompt if you call them out over social media, but when they take you into a private message they will read your message and not reply for a day or longer.

I have messaged their blogger outreach service on their website numerous times and heard nothing back at all in regards to working with them.

5. Missing Glossybox Referral Credit

You may be aware that if you refer someone to Glossybox with your referral code, you earn some Glossy credit.

A few weeks ago my referral credit was sitting at around £60-£70, and the very next day I logged in and at least £10 had vanished from my account!

6. Glossybox Customer Service Is Terrible

Finally, to top things off for me completely, I decided that I didn’t want to be a subscriber anymore. I still planned to purchase any boxes that took my fancy, but I didn’t want to automatically receive them month after month.

I unsubscribed from Glossybox a couple of weeks ago, and to my surprise, on the 1st of this month Glossybox took a payment.

After I emailed customer service, here is their response..

So, Glossybox will take your money even if you cancel prehand. They will not refund you or cancel the order even though the box hasn’t yet been dispatched, and if you would like to be refunded you need to take time out your day and money out of your pocket to ship back a product that you didn’t ask for in the first place!

They also deny ever having any contact with you, even after I stated I have spoken with them multiple times by means of social media.

Glossybox, I will no longer promote your brand. I may purchase the odd Glossybox as a personal treat, but I will not be recommending you to people.

LookFantastic – I look forward to reviewing your monthly boxes!

Update: I’m now being contacted over Twitter by Glossybox customer services.

The lady has stated as she is a different adviser she will have a different perspective, but I can’t help but feel that this is due to her noticing I am a blogger with a combined following of around 7000.

As you can see in the screenshot above, before they weren’t interested in helping me in the slightest over email.

I won’t be accepting her offer of her “different perspective”. We now know how you treat your general subscribers!

Since January this year, I have helped Glossybox earn £500 through referrals, and they can’t even refund me for a single box that hasn’t been dispatched yet. Yeah! Teamwork!!

Apart from these issues, I’ve enjoyed reviewing Glossybox’s, but I’m not going to promote a brand that doesn’t deserve it.

What are your thoughts on Glossybox?






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  • Fee Robertson

    I have cancelled my Glossybox Subscription for all the same reasons! I have about 4 of the same bronzers and 3 brush cleaners that I received within 6 months in exchange for missing things!

    It started off as such a nice treat but now just isn’t worth it for me!

    It’s a shame it’s been happening because it has the potential to be so awesome!


  • Estelle

    I used to have Glossybox a long time ago, I stopped them in the end because I get like they just weren’t worth the money. I was getting the same thing month after month as well! I hate shitty customer service! I think you’ve definitely done the sensible thing and quit them!

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